Our salon of Massage in Marrakech

The Baan Thaï Institut is a traditional Thai massage parlour on Avenue Mohamed V in the centre of the Guéliz district of Marrakesh.

Our Thai therapists are graduates of the most prestigious massage training schools in Bangkok and offer a range of traditional Thai massages using authentic techniques that are part of the cultural heritage of Thailand.

The Zen-like atmosphere, the scent of floral essences, the gentle lighting and soft music combine to create a little piece of Thailand and an invitation to unwind and relax.

For anyone who dreams of finding a temporary escape from day-to-day stresses and strains in a magical place the answer is to abandon yourself to the pleasures of a massage as a way of awakening the senses and liberating the mind, rebalancing body and soul in a way that is only to be found at the Baan Thaï Institut.

Our Massages

Traditional Thaï Massage

Thai Massage With Hot Compresses

Aromatherapy Massage

Thai Massage Hot Oil

Massages / Mix Traditional Thai & Hot Oil

Reflexology Foot Massage

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