January 17,

We can’t talk about Baan Thai Institute’s 6th birthday without retracing the path of Bridgitte Loudet… This exemplary company’s founder who is passionate about Asia and had the opportunity to form herself and obtain a Thai massage diploma at the Wat Po medical school of Bangkok in 2011. It all started with a trip, followed by a deep thinking that gave her the idea to create her massage center in Marrakech, in order to help the persons that cannot travel to Thailand and want the benefits of a Thai massage. The story begins in 2012 with a salon of 100m2, 2 therapists, 3 massage cabins and a hammam. Becoming a huge success, the institute transitioned to 230 m2 and 7 therapists. 3 years later, the evolution continues and the area grows to 350 m2. A second hammam is installed and last year, 5 new massage cabins were opened, 2 in the 5th floor and 3 in the terrace with a 380° view of Marrakech. The objective was to make our clients have an unforgettable experience indoor and outdoor. As of today, we have 18 therapists, all of them graduated and certified, 18 cabins over 650 m2. Baan Thai institute has become, thanks to you, to its professionalism and its perpetual quest for perfection, an unavoidable temple of Thai massage. For 6 years, we commit ourselves to develop daily a quality that satisfies our clients so the time spent with us can always be an intense time of pure happiness!