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Relax in the intense heat of a Thai sauna with essential oils aromas and medicinal herbs. Breathe the emanations of tamarind, turmeric, camphor and many others. A secular therapy in Thailand to heal different aches, the plants and roots are plunged in boiling water and the steam is inhaled to excavate your airways and favor toxins elimination and muscular relaxation through sweat. The tensions disappear, the skin is smoother and the organism is deeply purified. It is done in 2 sessions of 15 minutes maximum with a fresh shower between sessions.

You will continue your discovery with a gentle body scrub with Asian perfumes. Applied in circular moves all over your body and formulated with a creamy base and natural exfoliants, it eliminates dead cells and cleans smoothly your epidermis, while preserving the skin from drying out. Specially adapted to sensible skins and delicately perfumed with Sakura flower or orchid, it offers your body relaxation and sensorial pleasure. It ensures recovering a smooth and neat skin.

You will end your relaxation with our signature Thai Mix & warm oils. This massage allies the energetic readjustment with relaxation. The reflex zones of your body are stimulated using ancestral techniques by altering between fluid moves, stretches and pressures. A pure moment of relaxation for your body and mind and a full tank of vital energy.

The Baan Thai pledges

  • Custom welcoming and counseling
  • Graduated and experienced estheticians
  • Attentive and tidy service
  • 850m² of space and professional equipment