Many treatments to relax, cleanse yourself from head to toes in an exceptional atmosphere.

We invite you to discover our traditional hammam, an unavoidable ritual for a pure and smooth skin. The practitioners at Baan Thai Institute in Marrakech will offer you a moment of privileged relaxation where you will find peace and serenity. From the vapor bath perfumed with eucalyptus to the black soap and Ghassoul wrapping, live a pure instant of pleasure where the body and spirit are invigorated, stimulated and appeased. No matter the formula you choose, you will inevitably come out with a sensation of absolute wellness.


Relaxation in a steam bath with eucalyptus perfumes as dictated by the pure oriental tradition. It provides incomparable wellness, frees muscle tensions and helps with sleep.

Starting from 170 MAD


Relaxation in a vapor bath associated to a scrub using a black ‘’beldi’’ soap with eucalyptus perfumes. It frees tensions, cleans the skin deeply and restores its suppleness and brightness.

Starting from 220 MAD


Relaxation in a vapor bath, scrub using a black ‘’beldi’’ soap followed by a purifying and strengthening envelopment with ‘’Ghassoul 7 plants’’: clay from Moyen Atlas in Morocco. The skin remains smooth, clear and pure.

Starting from 250 MAD


Relaxation in a vapor bath with dry and intense heat accompanied by perfumed essential oils and medicinal Thai herbs. A true moment of decompression, this bath is ideal for eliminating toxins, release airways and relieve any articular pain. The sessions are to be short and intense (8 to 12 minutes) until the sweat rolls on the skin. They culminate with a fresh shower.

Starting from 180 MAD