October 2,

Not so long ago, Baan Thai Institute initiated its brand new outdoors massage space. At the top of the building housing the Spa, on the huge panoramic 150 m² terrace all decorated with clear wood, greenery, bamboos and Thai sculptures, we discover a universe typically Thai within Marrakech. At twilight, illuminated by the gentle brightness of candles or by the natural orange sky, the Thai practitioners graduated from the famous Wat Po School in Bangkok perform real traditional massages inspired by millennial techniques. Enchanted by a relaxing music, sitting on a comfortable bed or a big baldachin, you enjoy a massage with warm oils, a feet reflexology, a massage with aromatic oils or a traditional Thai massage. The treatments are smooth and strong at the same time, in order to free the muscles and ease the tensions. Each gesture is done in a precise manner and the position changes are swift for a unique relaxing experience. This exquisite atmosphere, where you can hydrate yourself with medicinal plants flavored tisanes or detox juices while enjoying a splendid landscape on the Atlas and the Koutoubia. It is a real invitation to freedom and wellness. Baan Thai Institute is not a mere concept, it’s a universe of absolute relaxation…