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John is the only male therapist in our institute in Marrakech. He comes from Chiang Mai, a city north of Thailand and the birthplace of Thai massage. We have recruited him right away to offer our customers an ancestral know-how and to complete our feminine team of certified therapists. John is seasoned to these traditional massage techniques and he specializes in hammer massage, an accu-pressure technique that works on all meridians, especially those along the spine. This allows to ease numerous aches. This technique stimulates these energy points with a small wooden hammer and regulates blood micro-circulation and thus favors the release of all your body’s tensions with specific pressures ...

21 January 2019


Baan Thai Institute’s essential package consists of a hammam scrub, a hair treatment and a brushing. Your treatment begins with a vapor bath perfumed with eucalyptus, giving you a nice sensation of relaxation in a pure oriental tradition. A privileged moment that offers you an incomparable well-being and relaxes your body and spirit, and also prepares your skin to this ancestral skin. A practitioner starts with applying a hair mask whose benefits are amplified under the effect of the heat. Then, she will perform with the upmost care, a scrub on your body using a “Beldi” black soap with a traditional glove. This exfoliating treatment gets your skin rid of its impurities to become once a ...

26 November 2018


The Thai massage is an energetic treatment, born 2500 years ago when Buddhist doctors arrived in India. Influenced by the Ayurveda, a Chinese and Buddhist traditional medicine, this massage is also inspired by some Yoga postures. The massages, pressures and taps are performed on precise spots along the energetic lines also called meridians. Stretches are performed during the massage to favor the elimination of toxins, the liberation of energetic blockings and muscular tensions, giving the body suppleness and peps, all the while allowing a relaxation as well as a mental and physical appeasement. When the energy is blocked, unhealthy imbalances occur, therefore a frequent traditional Thai mass ...

26 October 2018


The hammam is part of a complete well-being program as it comes with a complete detoxification to our body, its wet heat benefits your skin by cleaning it and detoxifying the organism’s interior. It helps free the airways thanks to the water’s vapor perfumed with eucalyptus. It is a real relaxation instant that acts heavily on the spirit, calms the nervous system, helps with sleep and makes you calmer… We can’t forget the traditional scrub performed by our practitioners with a “Beldi” black soap to exfoliate your skin deeply and complete the hammam’s efficiency, it’ll leave you with a soft and dazzling skin… To relax in our Spa, you can also choose a sauna, this ancestral r ...

21 September 2018


This massage is an ancestral treatment that associates to the Thai traditional massage, the intense relaxation being brought by the aromatic oils that we use at Baan Thai Institute. Its efficiency is astonishing and appeasing as it is recommended to suppress tensions and recover vital energy. It is performed with fluid moves and deep pressures, stretches but also frictions on some muscles on the judgment of our therapist to deliver you with the best results. The benefits are truly visible: stress is replaced with calm leaving a much better feeling and relaxation. The aromatic oils’ virtues that we choose in Thailand also play a huge role for that… Left at a temperature matching your body ...

24 August 2018


Imagine having a Thai massage with a 380° view of Marrakech… This dream becomes reality at Baan Thai Institute! This is what we propose when massages are performed from our splendid outside space… Becoming unavoidable in the summer nights, it is a true privilege to benefit from a massage in our breathtaking terrace. The decoration will transport you to Thailand on the roofs of the ocher city as it is surprising and exceptional! All our Thai massages, treatments and packages are available at the institute can be performed every night in the outside. Under the colors and lights of these beautiful summer nights with an incredible charm to escape the heat of the day. Out team of therapists ...

20 July 2018


This package takes place in a 1h or 1h30 session. It includes hammam and scrub followed by our signature massage: the Thai mix massage with warm oils… For starters, a vapor bath perfumed with eucalyptus scents that are benefic for the body, cleaning the impurities and dead cells as well as detoxifying the inside. Now that your skin is cleansed, we proceed to a scrub using a “Beldi” black soap that leaves your skin cleaned, supple and shining. Then, we propose a small break with one of our famous infusions, tea or fresh drinks depending on your preferences. We follow-up with our signature massage that offers you all benefits from traditional Thai massages to which we add warm oils to ap ...

26 June 2018


It is the perfect alliance of relaxation and energetic readjustment. With a smoother approach combining Thai traditional techniques that allow the body and mind from their tensions, and is performed without oil on a futon. We associate to this practice the massage with pure oils that are heated to your body’s temperature to calm pains and appease tensions by stimulating the essential of sensorial organs. The virtues of these oils are mostly appeasing and purifying. Therefore, this massage offers in one single session all benefits of Thai traditional massages and unblocks the energetic flux and brings form and vitality. The mix Thai massage with warm oils is arguably our signature massage d ...

28 May 2018


According to the ancestral Chinese medicine, the reflexology allows a better circulation of the body’s vital energy by stimulating sensorial nerves within internal organs that are mainly under the feet. At Baan Thai Institute in Marrakech, this massage is performed by pressuring the feet’s plant using a mix of oil and menthol cream with a camphor balm with the help of a wooden stick. This natural technique considers the feet as a miniaturized human body. Each part of the body corresponds to a reflex zone that, with this precise touch performed by our qualified therapists, allows to restore the balance in the corresponding body parts and contributes to maintaining the physical, mental ...

24 April 2018


Discover the Thai massage with hot pads and its extraordinary benefits… We start by a traditional Thai massage… The pads technique offers multiple advantages for the health and heals muscular pains and tensions. The pads we use at Baan Thai Institute have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, ant rheumatic, astringent and relaxing medicinal characteristics and hold a mix of herbs that free their benefits and perfume under the heat, leaving you to appreciate the smell of Ginger, Curcama, Galangal, Lemongrass, Combava and Patchouli during the treatment. The most enjoyable part of this ritual is to simply lay down and relax under the effect of the hot pads that the therapist puts with ...

23 March 2018


We can’t talk about Baan Thai Institute’s 6th birthday without retracing the path of Bridgitte Loudet… This exemplary company’s founder who is passionate about Asia and had the opportunity to form herself and obtain a Thai massage diploma at the Wat Po medical school of Bangkok in 2011. It all started with a trip, followed by a deep thinking that gave her the idea to create her massage center in Marrakech, in order to help the persons that cannot travel to Thailand and want the benefits of a Thai massage. The story begins in 2012 with a salon of 100m2, 2 therapists, 3 massage cabins and a hammam. Becoming a huge success, the institute transitioned to 230 m2 and 7 therapists. 3 years ...

17 January 2018


The traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad Phaen Boran (translated to « ancient massage » or « traditional massage ») is an ancestral treatment combining a deep muscular massage and stretching, but also elements of shiatsu, yoga and accupressing. Performed since over 2500 years and taught by Buddhist monks who master the arts of healing, this massage relaxes both body and mind. It is for that reason that schools, including the most popular one: the Wat Po traditional medical school were built, within temples to teach this discipline by the monks and doctors. The Thai traditional massage focuses on the main energy lines through the body, and by freeing them, it allows the vi ...

14 November 2017

Baan Thaï – The concept

The Baan Thai Institute was one of the first to import the Thai tradition in Marrakech. A unique place that plays authenticity and offers real Thai traditional massages, performed by qualified Thai terapists, some trained at the famous Wat Po massage school in Bangkok. In this wondurful Spa, there is nothing more than true Thailand. 16 massages cabins are spread over nearly 650 square meters, even spread over two floors and a panoramic roof terrace with a magnificent view of the summits of the Atlas. Brigitte Loudet, the owner of the Spa, who is herself a graduate of Wat Po, was able to decorate the place with taste and refinement. Throughout her many travels in Thailand, she has bro ...

2 October 2017


Not so long ago, Baan Thai Institute initiated its brand new outdoors massage space. At the top of the building, on the huge panoramic 150 m2 terrace all decorated with clear wood, greenery, bamboos and Thai sculptures, we discover a universe typically Thai within Marrakech. At twilight, illuminated by the gentle brightness of candles or by the natural orange sky, the Thai practitioners graduated from the famous Wat Po School in Bangkok perform real traditional massages inspired by millennial techniques. Enchanted by a relaxing music, sitting on a comfortable bed or a big baldachin, you enjoy a massage with warm oils, a feet reflexology, a massage with aromatic oils or a traditional Thai mas ...

2 October 2017