July 20,

Imagine having a Thai massage with a 380° view of Marrakech… This dream becomes reality at Baan Thai Institute! This is what we propose when massages are performed from our splendid outside space… Becoming unavoidable in the summer nights, it is a true privilege to benefit from a massage in our breathtaking terrace. The decoration will transport you to Thailand on the roofs of the ocher city as it is surprising and exceptional! All our Thai massages, treatments and packages are available at the institute can be performed every night in the outside. Under the colors and lights of these beautiful summer nights with an incredible charm to escape the heat of the day. Out team of therapists highly qualified will offer you some drinks to hydrate after or between your treatments to enjoy your experience even more. All your senses will be awakened thanks to the treatments, the overall services and the magical atmosphere that Baan Thai Institute in Marrakech provides.