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The hammam is part of a complete well-being program as it comes with a complete detoxification to our body, its wet heat benefits your skin by cleaning it and detoxifying the organism’s interior. It helps free the airways thanks to the water’s vapor perfumed with eucalyptus. It is a real relaxation instant that acts heavily on the spirit, calms the nervous system, helps with sleep and makes you calmer… We can’t forget the traditional scrub performed by our practitioners with a “Beldi” black soap to exfoliate your skin deeply and complete the hammam’s efficiency, it’ll leave you with a soft and dazzling skin… To relax in our Spa, you can also choose a sauna, this ancestral relaxation technique, provided in dry heat conditions between 70°C and 85°C, which causes mass sweating that allows the elimination of toxins and cleaning your skin deeply. One session will completely relax your muscles, ease your lumbago after an intense.

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21 September 2018