November 14,

The traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad Phaen Boran (translated to « ancient massage » or « traditional massage ») is an ancestral treatment combining a deep muscular massage and stretching, but also elements of shiatsu, yoga and accupressing. Performed since over 2500 years and taught by Buddhist monks who master the arts of healing, this massage relaxes both body and mind. It is for that reason that schools, including the most popular one: the Wat Po traditional medical school were built, within temples to teach this discipline by the monks and doctors. The Thai traditional massage focuses on the main energy lines through the body, and by freeing them, it allows the vital energy to freely circulate. Much like the Chinese medicine used for acupuncture, this massage uses a system similar of pressure points to help deal with stress, pains and muscle tensions, restore the blood and lymph circulation, rebalance the nervous system and give back the flexibility to members. At Baan Thai Institute, our practitioners from the famous Wat Po medical school of Bangkok perform this massage on a comfortable mattress on the floor by continuously and gently performing a series of mastered moves that relax and energize, and will leave you relaxed.