November 26

Baan Thai Institute’s essential package consists of a hammam scrub, a hair treatment and a brushing. Your treatment begins with a vapor bath perfumed with eucalyptus, giving you a nice sensation of relaxation in a pure oriental tradition. A privileged moment that offers you an incomparable well-being and relaxes your body and spirit, and also prepares your skin to this ancestral skin. A practitioner starts with applying a hair mask whose benefits are amplified under the effect of the heat. Then, she will perform with the upmost care, a scrub on your body using a “Beldi” black soap with a traditional glove. This exfoliating treatment gets your skin rid of its impurities to become once again supple and brilliant, once it is cleansed in-depth. Finally, wrapped in a bathrobe and perfectly relaxed, it will be time for a break with an infusion or a cold drink depending on your preferences, before our hairdresser takes care of you with a smooth, curly or Brazilian brushing following your preference!